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2017, Volume 33, Number 2, Page(s) 121-128     
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DOI: 10.5146/tjpath.2016.01382
Correlation of FOXL2 with Inhibin and Calretinin in the Diagnosis of Ovarian Sex Cord Stromal Tumors
Ruchi RATHORE, Deepshikha ARORA, Sarla AGARWAL, Sonal SHARMA
Department of Pathology, University College of Medical Sciences, NEW DELHI, INDIA
Keywords: FOXL2, Inhibin, Calretinin, Ovarian neoplasms, Sex cord stromal tumor

Objective: Alpha-inhibin and calretinin have been traditionally used as immunomarkers for sex cord stromal tumors. However, the variation in their immunoreactivity and their lack of specificity for sex cord stromal tumor makes the search for a more sensitive and specific immunohistochemical marker essential in routine diagnosis of sex cord stromal tumor. This study was conducted to correlate the diagnostic utility of FOXL2 with inhibin and calretinin in the diagnosis of sex cord stromal tumors of ovary.

Material and Method: The study was conducted in the department of pathology. 31 cases of sex cord tumors received in past eight years (2002-2010) were included in this study. Immunostaining for inhibin, calretinin and FOXL2 was performed and compared on the basis of staining intensity and percentage positivity on all the cases.

Results: Calretinin was found to be positive in 29/31 sex cord stromal tumors with variable intensities and was negative in two cases of sex cord stromal tumors, inhibin was positive in 28/31 and only three cases had no cytoplasmic staining. All the 31 cases included in this study were positive for FOXL2 with variable staining intensities and percentage positivity. Ten cases of each surface epithelial and germ cell tumors were also negatively stained with FOXL2.

Conclusion: In contrast to inhibin and calretinin, FOXL2 had a sensitivity and specificity of 100% for all the cases of sex cord stromal tumors included in this study.

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